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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Sixth Form Scholarships

Each autumn, sixth form students are invited to apply for a scholarship worth £500 to enhance their academic studies.

The Ashcroft Academy Sixth Form Scholarship represents an outstanding opportunity for students to pursue their learning and achieve a substantial, tangible learning outcome.

Previously, Ashcroft students have been awarded scholarships in areas to improve their learning and employability.

Examples of Scholarship Awards include:

2011  Patrish Zituboh-Zeabie: Art Portfolio Scholarship at the University of Arts, London

2012  Albana Janjeva: Fashion Scholarship at Central Saint Martins

2013  Kiran Arwani: Medsim Scholarship at Nottingham University

2014  Zain Rahim: Summer School - Debating Matters at the University of London

2015  Matthew Lucas: Headstart course in Computer Science and Discrete Maths at Warwick university

2016 Marcus Jonas: Engineering Scholarship at Cambridge

Interested students will need to demonstrate that their application has been thoroughly researched.  Outcomes in terms of learning and ‘tangible’ benefits will need to be clearly identified.  As a matter of course, applicants must be diligent in their studies, exemplary role models and be on line to exceed their learning targets.  Scholarship projects should not interfere with daily teaching and learning.  Students applying for scholarships for courses, for example, must check details such as course dates in order not to miss curriculum time.

The initial application submission will take the form of a written application that identifies how the scholarship money will be used, the outcomes the scholarship will lead to and how much funding is being applied for.  It should also be clear as to whether the scholarship money will cover the entirety of the project or whether the student will be part funding the project. The maximum scholarship that will be awarded is £500 but it is not envisaged that all applications will be for this amount. The amount a student applies for is not part of the selection criteria. The application should be no more than 1 side of A4. In all applications candidates must include:

  • Name, previous school and programme of study
  • The Scholarship being applied for
  • Your interest in this specific area
  • How the Scholarship will improve your learning/progression to higher education/employability
  • How the Scholarship money will be used
  • A summary paragraph outlining why the Academy should award you a Scholarship

Students that are short-listed are required to make a 10-minute presentation to the Scholarship Selection panel who will then decide which applicants will receive a scholarship.