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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Home School Agreement

Home-Academy Agreement

           This document demonstrates the various responsibilities that all three parties – parents, students and school have             in education.  The greater the commitment from each party, the greater the chance of ultimate success for the child.


           The Parent
 I Will

  • ensure that my child attends regularly, punctually, correctly dressed and equipped for work;
  • ensure that my child attends catch up activities, if s/he misses time at school;
  • inform the Academy of any problems that may affect his or her work or behaviour;
  • give the Academy my support in its endeavours to offer guidance on good manners and acceptable behaviour;
  • support the Academy in its imposition of legitimate sanctions.  These could be routine detentions, referrals to ICAS or exclusion;
  • support the Academy in its identification of any barriers to learning students may experience and the pastoral support it offers in ARC, SEN, ICAS and study hall;
  • offer help and support to my child and the Academy in all matters related to homework;
  • attend relevant parent information evenings and discussions about my child’s progress;
  • respond to any concerns the Academy may have about my child.


The Student
I will:

  • follow the Academy’s rules and its code of conduct;
  • do my best at all times in lessons and with homework;
  • be punctual, properly dressed and equipped for Academy;
  • attend and be prepared to complete meaningful work, if referred to catch up or study hall;
  • show respect for adults, other students and the environment;
  • complete sanctions imposed by the Academy with good grace and with a view to avoiding any repetition of the behaviour that led to a detention or referral to ICAS;
  • will take part in extra-curricular activities and House competitions
  • use the Academy’s ICT equipment and the internet by following the rules given to me.


The Academy
We will:

  • keep your child safe and secure in the Academy;
  • respond promptly and effectively to any concerns you may have;
  • send home regular reports with regard to your child’s progress and inform you an any concerns we may have regarding his or her work or behaviour;
  • set, mark and monitor suitable homework;
  • write to you regularly to keep you informed of the wide variety of activities taking place and of our current concerns;
  • seek to achieve high standards of behaviour and encourage your child to achieve the maximum of which s/he is capable;
  • impose legitimate sanctions in response to poor behaviour and mentor students in ICAS to avoid a repeat;
  • ensure policy documents are up to date and available online.