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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

First Impressions

​Iqra Moalin – Head Student

Studying at the Ashcroft Sixth Form was the best academic decision I have ever made. This was apparent from my first day of Year 12. The Sixth Form was a profoundly welcoming environment with my peers, teachers and the Sixth Form staff all making me feel settled right away.

The sense of community is very strong and is something that myself and my fellow students all appreciate. House events such as the Inter-house dodgeball event in Term 1 heighten this sense of unity, and the Study Centre (where we work during our study periods) promotes ambitious learning habits. You really feel that we are all in it together and everybody is working hard towards the same goal. The independence that we have as students allows us to be motivated by one another and to form healthy and fulfilling friendships.

I have experienced phenomenal support from my teachers and there are so many opportunities for students in the Sixth Form. I have been involved in the Migrant Leaders mentoring scheme project and the Sutton Trust summer schools. These opportunities mean that our A-Level studies are strengthened by a wide range of super curricular opportunities. This puts us at an advantage when applying for university. Initially, I was unsure of the subject that I wanted to study at university but with support from my teachers and peers alike I’ve be able to make an informed decision and I am excited about what the future holds.

Ashcroft is a place where students can be sure that they will have the support and the perfect environment to succeed.

Iqra studies Geography, Maths and Biology and is applying to study Geography at the University of Cambridge.


Liam - Head Student Team

The first term in Sixth Form can be overwhelming, I certainly felt it might have been for me when I finished Year 11. I had left many of my old friends and it felt as if the next two years would be a daunting time. However, I could not have been more wrong. In Ashcroft you will find people that are like minded and passionate about learning. We are all ambitious and want to succeed and this has helped me to feel comfortable and at home in the Sixth Form.

Sixth form is certainly a different ball game to GCSEs. There is the challenging mixture of an increased workload combined with an increase in independence. Thanks to the guidance of my fellow students and the supportive staff, I was able to rise to this challenge and I have become very good at structuring my work and staying on top of things (essential in Sixth Form!).

My personal character has also seen immense development whilst at the Sixth Form. I have found a love for learning like never before. I believe that some students in Year 11 may be worried about being overwhelmed when they step up to studying in Sixth Form, especially at a highly competitive school like Ashcroft. What I can say is that if you are a student who wants to work hard, do well and enjoy your time in Sixth Form, at Ashcroft you will find likeminded people.

We all work hard, but we know that the more hours of we invest in ourselves through study, the more successful we will be and knowing that makes the Sixth Form experience a really rewarding one.

Liam studies Maths, Economics and History and is applying to study Law at Cambridge


Amina - Head Student Team

I found transitioning from school to Sixth Form a bit difficult, at first, because of the increased independence and expectations. However, because I was able to access extra materials and receive additional help from my teachers, I soon gained more confidence in my abilities and therefore advanced in my subjects.

I like having more control over my work and studying because it gives me an insight into life at university, and it is reassuring to know that I can determine the outcome. I know that entering Sixth Form can be a daunting experience but because of the environment here it was easy to approach my teachers for support and to form a good relationship with them.

My IB cohort contains fourteen people so it was very easy to make friends and to realise that everyone was in the same boat. My first term in Sixth Form taught me that having a positive mentality is the key to being successful because it assures self-confidence and a good work ethic. I knew I was capable of succeeding in the IB and I quickly came to love my subjects and to grow more as a person. I believe the Sixth Form provides the perfect opportunity for this ‘character development’ and I appreciate the opportunities I am given every day. 

Amina studies Higher Level Maths, Physics and English and Standard Level Chemistry, History and French within the International Baccalaureate Diploma and is applying to study Engineering at Cambridge

Lily  - Head Student Team

After finishing my GCSEs, continuing my studies at Ashcroft was the obvious choice; I had no doubt that the school that had encouraged, supported and motivated me through the years would help me achieve the best grades at Sixth Form.

Settling in at the Sixth Form was, for me, a smooth process. I was surrounded by supportive teachers and peers who created a positive and motivating learning environment. A big part of the Sixth Form experience is the increased independence; the many study areas available to students at Ashcroft ensure every student has a quite space to work and has access to any resources they may need. From the first day, I was struck by the strong sense of community and friendly atmosphere in the Sixth Form: between internal and external students, Year 12s and Year 13s, A level and IB students. Even in the first term of Year 12, the Sixth Form staff made sure we were prepared for university applications by offering a multitude of super-curricular activities for every subject, encouraging students to explore beyond the confines of the curriculum. I can confidently say that my experience at the Sixth Form has been an overwhelmingly positive one and has surpassed all of my expectations: the feelings of safety, enthusiasm and support here at Ashcroft are all qualities needed to ensure the success of its students.

Lily studies History, English Literature and Geography. She is applying to Cambridge to study History.


Abrar - Head Student Team

The start to Year 12 was something I looked forward to with excitement, but I was also aware of the challenges it would bring. Being surrounded by other determined students created a rich learning environment from the first day and this strong sense of community made settling into Sixth Form easy and enjoyable, allowing me to immerse myself into the new and more detailed content of A-Levels.


Knowing that there is a step up from GCSEs, I was keen to make an effective start to the new academic year. The dedicated Sixth Form team and my teachers encouraged me to take part in many extra-curricular and super-curricular activities on offer. This allowed me to immediately start exploring my subjects outside of the scope of the classroom, further increasing my interest in these subjects. Whilst the start to Sixth Form may seem daunting, the community feel of the Sixth Form and the determination everybody has to succeed means that it is a really positive environment to be in each day.

Abrar studies Biology, Chemistry and Maths. He is applying to study Medicine at Cambridge.