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Ashcroft Technology Academy

Ashcroft Technology Academy

Bug Hotel Project

Bug Hotel

Forget Megan and Harry – we have our very own important residents in Bugingham Pallets at Ashcroft Academy.

7Sc1 and 7Sc2 have been busy at work creating their very own bug hotel to encourage important insects to nest and provide them with a much needed habitat here in urban London. We have been learning about the importance of insects, in particular the honey bee, and planted some wild flowers to go on top of the bug hotel, not only to make it look pretty, but to provide local bees with nectar and pollen to help them survive. I saw one of our first residents yesterday in a very large earwig!
Well done year 7!
Top tip from Y7: If you see a honey bee struggling to make it home or looking a bit tired, dissolve some sugar in water and put a spoon of the liquid out for the bee to eat. This gives the bee energy – just like you need energy when you eat your lunch!